Questions to ask your interior designer

It’s important to ensure your interior designer is qualified and suitable for your project. Make sure to ask potential candidates these questions, and stay tuned for more informative content. How much do you charge and can you aork with my budget ? What is your process from A to Z? How you will present your […]

What is the difference between Sandstone, Marble, AND Granite

Integrating nature into your home is aesthetically critical and adds an emotional feeling of grandeur. But what’s the difference between the 3 favored types of stone to use; Sandstone, marble, and granite? Sandstone Pros: While feeling softer on your feet than granite, it is very durable and can last decades. It’s eco-friendly compared to some […]

Fundamentals Of Interior Design

Keep in mind these 5 elements to a successful interior design. Rhythm Pattern of colors, print, and shapes influence the path your eye follow Repetition Repeating elements of design  alternation Alternating 2 or more elements in a pattern progression A Gradation of color or a series of objects organized by size Contrast Putting 2 elements […]