Integrating nature into your home is aesthetically critical and adds an emotional feeling of grandeur. But what’s the difference between the 3 favored types of stone to use; Sandstone, marble, and granite?

Sandstone Pros:

  • While feeling softer on your feet than granite, it is very durable and can last decades.
  • It’s eco-friendly compared to some other materials.
  • Broken tiles can be easily replaced.

Sandstone Cons:

Its ability to absorb water, unlike granite, makes it more susceptible to staining and molding than other materials.

Marble Pros:

  • Unique appearance and patterns.
  • Wide range of colors compared to other materials.
  • Easy to polish and clean.

Marble Cons:

  • It is a fragile material and so is more susceptible to cracking, breaking, and chipping.
  • Gets very slippery when wet.

Granite Pros:

  • As an extremely durable material, it’s a kitchen favorite due to the heavy traffic it can endure.
  • As a non-porous material, granite is highly water-resistant meaning it won’t take water damage.
  • Scratch-resistant.

Granite Cons:

  • Lack of color variety.
  • Heavier than other materials, so make sure countertops are appropriately supported.

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