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MD's Message

It gives me immense pleasure to introduce to you Kernel.

As a Co-founder and Managing Director for Kernel since its first day of existence , I’ve witnessed it grow and develop until it reached its current status. Kernel attributes this success to the clear vision of the management as well as the huge effort of its staff.

Inspired by its name, we believe that Kernel is a multi-faceted entity that embodies the qualities of solid, generative and consistently growing engineering consultant office. At Kernel, we believe that in order to realize our vision as a leading name in the construction sector in the Middle East, opting for the right calibers is non negotiable.

Our choice of calibers stems not only from their years of experience or scale of projects they have worked on , but rather more importantly on dynamicity, enthusiasm, willingness to learn and ability to play multitasking roles. Through the course of the last few years and despite the problems facing regional economy that took its toll on the whole real estate market, this approach has never failed us , but rather led to our outstanding expansion in the Qatari market.

In more than a dozen of projects with a vast diversified scale, we excelled in providing our clients a wide range of engineering consultancy services in the most flexible, efficient and economic ways.

Nevertheless, we never cease to work hard to improve our performance through continuous assessment of our processes to attain a better provision of service to our clients.

In the horizon, our plan for the next five years is dual in dimension. On one hand, we are willing to solidify our presence in the Qatari market through targeting additional private and public projects in our quest to maximize our contribution to national vision 2030.

On the other hand, by end of 2018, we intend to expand in another two major middle eastern cities, one of them already underway by the recent inauguration of our office in Cairo.

At the end we furthermore emphasize on our great appreciation of the role of our staff in maintaining our growth , and their sincere commitment to provide the best consultancy services for our clients across the region.

Haitham Nour, PhD

Managing Director & Partner

About Us
Our History

Established in 2013, Kernel Engineering Consultants has steadily become one of the fastest growing names in the field of engineering consultancy in Qatar. Remarkable mega scale projects in Qatar , as well as a recent inauguration of an office in Egypt, manifest Kernel’s expansion strategy across the Middle East.


To become client’s ultimate choice in engineering consultancy in Middle East by offering the best quality services, exceeding expectations and aiming for leadership in the sector.


To deliver functional, state-of-the-art designs and exceptional world-class engineering consultancy services, while maintaining our standard of quality and holding tight to our code of ethics. At Kernel, we aim to plan, engineer and manage the delivery of significant projects that affect people’s lives and shape their experiences, thus establishing a link between memories and places we proudly create…


Our culture offers the best environment for creativity and innovation. We strive to balance between personal growth and Kernel’s mission goals, ensuring we operate in the best working conditions where every member at Kernel feels appreciated and free to contribute in the next masterpiece, which is the backbone of our progress and success.


Our values stem from the belief in true commitment to our clients and their needs, along with our ability to multi-task and work in a dynamic environment effectively, productively and ethically.


Our philosophy lies in the belief that when we give dynamic and multitasking calibers the right opportunities, they excel. Given this fact, at Kernel we seek to hire energetic calibers with outstanding creative skills and offer them the opportunity to take big responsibilities and be a part of Kernel’s expanding team, enhancing our diversity and creating an edge in our scope of work.


Being a profitable, privately owned company, we balance between private goals and social responsibility. We contribute in making our communities a better place and aim to affect more lives positively.

Our Services

At Kernel, we present our clients and lead the different contractors during the construction phase starting from mobilization and excavation phases until hand over to relevant authorities, clients and operators. Through the course of this process, our team works coherently to set each project’s unique needs and work to develop a solid, well-established progress and quality plan ,providing the best project management solutions accordingly. Our dynamic team with their extensive know-how utilize their knowledge and creativity to implement and arrange the site’s progress and operation phases, taking into consideration all aspects of quality, safety and cost effectiveness.


Kernel’s urban designs aim to strengthen the urban connectivity and accessibility between our projects and their surroundings, ultimately ensuring user’s satisfaction and sustainability.


Our designs reflect our creativity while balancing client’s needs and taking into consideration the contextual vision of each project apart. We adopt a comprehensive approach in our designs; starting from initial idea to the tender delivery, integrating all structural, electrical and mechanical aspects , as well as environmental needs. Additionally, our team considers construction methodologies, complexities, in order to bring basic sketches to life. Our designs seek to satisfy client’s aspirations and exceed their expectations while meeting the maximum functional efficiency.


Working on various scales, we create spaces to live and create the best memories, considering each client’s needs, spirit, taste and budget while making the best out of each area. Combining functionality with beauty, we create distinctive areas to work in harmony and elegance , making every area a place that tells a story.


In value engineering, Kernel totally utilizes its expertise for the benefit of the client in order to maximize efficiency of the design without dramatically Impacting the cost. Our approach covers a wide span of work starting from a generic design review for main structural and MEP systems to detailed consideration of materials selection and major equipment. We work in collaboration with a wide range of suppliers and vendors in order to keep ourselves updated for our clients benefit.

Our Projects
Our Team

At Kernel, our team is driven by passion to contribute proactively and to turn ideas into reality. Thereby, our organizational structure aims to reflect a high level of dynamicity. adaptability and an ability to accommodate multi-tasking personnel. To achieve this , we assign dedicated teams for every project at hand, collaborating with skillful experts as well as passionate engineers, They perform their respective duties in accordance with a set planned schedule and within agreed upon budgets.

team_0007_Haitham Nour, PhD – Co-Founder and Managing Director


Managing Partner
team_0000_Mohamed Nayef – Project Manager


Country Manager
team_0002_Paul Derrik Apps- Project Director


Project Director
team_0006_Mohamed Al Qarshawy – Project Manger


Project Manager
team_0001_Rabab Samir – Project Manager


Design Manager
team_0005_Mohamed Bouchiba – project Manager


Project Manager
team_0004_Mohamed Fathy- Financial and Administration Manager


Financial Manager
Doha ElSalhy


HR & Administration Manager
Our Careers
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